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We are bridging the gap between what’s possible and what’s affordable.
Mound Media provides high quality digital services to help your business expand its digital presence without the price tag of large agencies.

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Web Development

The web is a fast changing and rapidly growing place. Recent studies have shown that there are almost 2 billion websites now online. That is a very big marketplace and why a website can make or break your business. We create fully custom websites from concept to completion helping you make a bigger splash in the digital pond.

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Graphic Design

We believe that graphic design should always be simple, tailored and effective. Our clients are always at the centre of our design process and we work hard to bring their ideas to life. We can develop almost anything that has a pixel or a droplet of ink - from logos to business cards, slideshows to billboards. Let us help you put your thoughts down on screen.

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Digital Marketing

Does your business need to make a statement online whether it’s through a mailing list, search engine optimisation or online advertising? We provide a wide range of digital marketing services to help you make an impact.

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Digital Strategy

Your digital game plan is critical in today’s fast paced digital world. We’re here to help your business develop its digital strategy plan from digital transformation roadmaps and development workshops to idea generation

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Ventures & Collab

We know you want to make your mark and we're here to make things happen. If you have a ground-breaking idea or simply want to chat about a new concept, we’d love to hear it. We have the services to help get that idea kickstarted.

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